Santorini Vibes – Kales Diakopes

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It’s been a while, but LuLu is back. Last couple of weeks/months have been extremely busy with being back on the PhD grind full time. Academic year starting means a lot of deadlines, a lot of reading and a lot of stress. Thankfully I had booked a birthday getaway and it was more than worth it!

I’ve had Santorini on my mind since last year and thought it would be the perfect place to celebrate my birthday. I booked my trip and accommodation quite early and because it was also the end of the season, it was cheaper than expected.

If you’re looking for the type of hotels u see online when you think of Santorini, I can recommend Andromeda Villas in Imerovigli. The traditional white beautiful buildings with infinity pools & beautiful views. If you’re looking for a more relaxed location, close to the beach with great service and a beautiful hotel, well, please go to Hotel Anassa!! It was such a beautiful, clean, warm and friendly hotel, I honestly did not want to leave at the end. Oh and did I mention clean! 🙂 There is a pool (incl. kiddie pool), sauna, and a gym and it’s less than 5 minutes from Kamari beach. I could see the beach from my balcony and the area was super nice and quiet.

Because it’s such a small island, you really need to know what you want to do during your trip. Because I was looking to relax and do some cultural exploration more than anything, I didn’t really focus on going out/partying.

Celebrated my birthday with a few of my girls and we all really just enjoyed our stay and the island. There is plenty to do if you are a more laid-back traveler. We walked the Karavolades stairs in Fira, 588 steps down, 15-20 minutes, but well worth it for the views and the donkeys you meet along the way.  Have a nice lunch at the old port, walk around for a bit and take the cable car back up, or if you’re brave enough, try the stairs or the donkeys 😉

We also did a day tour (around 8 hours) visiting all the beautiful sights of the island, lunch at the beach, wine tasting with amazing views, visiting the Akrotiri Excavations Archaeological Sites Ancient Thira, and Oia for the sunset.

Local transport is quite cheap, for €1.80, you get a one way ticket and you buy it on the bus, so no hassle with having to get tickets before you leave. Have to advise that at the end of the season (October) local transport ends at around 9pm, so if you’re staying out late, you need to make early arrangements for transportation or rent a car (plenty of options).

We had excellent breakfasts at the hotel and most lunch and dinner at the local restaurants in Kamari. The boulevard in Kamari offers a variety of restaurants for different budgets with beautiful views and sometimes live music. If you’re a seafood lover, you will absolutely love the different options available. The fish and lamb dishes, just make me want to go back.

Favorite meal and dining experience was definitely on my birthday. We dined at Ampelos, and got to enjoy the view of beautiful Fira, the caldera and amazing food. Service was excellent and it was definitely a birthday to remember.

If you’re planning a next trip, the season starts in May, so get booking 🙂

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