Outfit Of The Day: Business to Casual 

I’m planning to post more fashion and beauty related content, but I am still working on issues with time, someone to take pictures, collecting details etc., but oh well, it’s a work in progress 😉

Today’s OOTD is an outfit that I put together to offer a good transition from work to let’s say business drinks. I’m attending Chatam House’s (Royal Institute of International Affairs) summer reception and wanted something on point, but not over the top.

Shoes are Simply.Be Mules, I love them cause they are wider than most wide fit shoes I’ve had. I was actually able to get them in my own size because it was wide enough.

Shirt is from Primark’s men collection (it just fits much better)

African print trousers are made by my seamstress in Angola, Solange. The braces are detachable, giving u multiple styling options.
And of course to top it up Big Hair Don’t Care.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find other pictures, but this is how I styled it before in colder weather.

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