Barcelona, Volveré pronto!

My first short break for the blog was to Barcelona. I decided to go back to Barcelona after making a pit stop years ago. Finally felt like I wanted to explore it a bit more & see what it has to offer. My flight from London with Norwegian Air was delayed, which put me off track, but we can’t let that spoil the fun.

Thursday morning and Lulu is hungry, so the girl’s gotta eat. First stop a light breakfast.


I spotted this cute pastry shop walking through La Rambla called Sweet Gaufre and decided to go in. They did not disappoint. For less than €5,- they offer a light breakfast of coffee (in my case tea), a croissant & fresh juice. If you are in the area, Go inside! That croissant was seriously soooo good. It made the start of my day.

If you’re in Barcelona, you’re gonna walk through La Rambla, almost inevitable, but thankfully in May not as crowded as during the high season. It’s a nice walk that leads you to the port and food. You know LuLu is all about the food.

After a few hours of walking I headed to La Boqueria for a lunch on the go. I indulged on a fresh seafood mix,  red velvet macaroon ice cream sandwich & a fresh strawberry/coconut juice. Just thinking about it now makes me want to go back. La Boqueria is a foodie’s heaven! All good stuff, fresh, variety of produce & great place to have a bite.

Exploring my inner Picasso

I see travel as a way of exploring and learning more about myself, so I try to do things I would maybe not do in the comfort of my own environment. I decided to take on painting. In such an artistic city, why not painting. I came across Arte Bar while looking for something different than the usual tourist things. It was such a great experience, that I have promised to come back. Paired with wine tasting and of course tapas, you get to paint and meet new people, locals and tourists alike and have fun. Art is subjective, so there is no such thing as painting the perfect picture, so definitely give this a try. Bruce & Alisa are lovely hosts who will tell you everything about the local wines, give you tips on things to do and of course guide you through painting your own masterpiece.

What I really liked about being in Barcelona, was being able to walk almost everywhere. Depending on where you are staying, Barcelona’s public transport or simply walking is the best option to get around. So walking around, I stumbled upon Cup & Cake, at this point I had heard so many good reviews about it, that I just decided to go in and luckily, I didn’t have to wait, cause it’s usually packed, but I guess that just shows how great the food is. I ordered the eggs benedict which came with a lovely fresh salad & charcoal waffles (yes, they were pitch black, but tasted great). Also got their mango tropical juice with coconut and other good stuff, and I just have to say that even though I was caught of guard by the presentation (my first thought was; WTH), the food was delicious. People are raving about it for all the perfect reasons: Good food!

If you want to eat well & as authentic as possible, go where the locals go. After a morning boat trip I found a restaurant where a lot of local construction workers were enjoying lunch. Although Paella is not a regional dish, you can get it everywhere, and you should definitely try some. It was simple, but muy delicioso! Unfortunately I forgot the name of the restaurant, but I’ll just have to go back next time.

You can’t really visit Barcelona without seeing the Sagrada Família, the Arc de Triomf, Parc Güell and all the other beautiful sights. I usually planned the sightseeing by starting with the one furthest away from where I was staying, so I could walk back from the last stop and enjoy the scenery. I loved walking around and just enjoying the architecture and infrastructure, it all compliments each other very well.

On my last day I had my local light breakfast at a local pastry shop and decided to get a final view of the city. I visited Parc Montjuïc  and took the cable car up Castell de Montjuïc to enjoy the view. It’s beautiful, plenty to see and do, but most importantly an amazing view of Barcelona. 

A short 3 night trip is not enough to see and do everything Barcelona has to offer, but if you have a long weekend or just want to visit for a few days, don’t let it stop you. It’s a smooth running city to visit and you’ll definitely love it. Try not to cramp too much on the same day so you can truly enjoy everything, and avoid staying in all tourists areas for too long, cause the best way to explore a city is to truly see it. Walk around and get lost, you’ll always find your way back.


Barcelona, Volveré pronto!

2 thoughts on “Barcelona, Volveré pronto!

  1. Great job Lu, I love the blog. Barcelona is one of my favourite detinations. Even though I wouldn’t travel alone, it gives me great pleasure to know that there a lot a people who not only dare but love to travel on their own. It motivates me to do the same. Great writing and lovely pictures. 😙😙😙😙😙 Helma

  2. Am seriously considering Bacelona for summer! Thanks to the wonderful image you left on my mind😅.

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